3 major innovative technology platforms

Improve product quality with technology and innovation

Through the technical research and development from many scientists for many years, Skuny BioScience has created some best-in-class R8D and manufacturing platforms including MSET Fatty Acids (a technical platform for ingredients manufacturing), SOB/SET Faty Acids (a technical platform for quality improving and stability) and BtBLife Faty Acids (a technical platform for bioavailability improving), etc., Those crucial technology platforms play role of core competition for Skuny BioScience in the field of food, nutrition, pharmaceuticals, etc., which involves manufacturing, quality and clinical research and commercialization.
  • MSET™

    MSET™ (Molecular Directional Enrichment Technology) is a low-cost, high-efficiency and effective separation of isomers and polar similar substances with intellectual property rights and patented technology platform invented and created by Skuny Bioscience. This technology platform is suitable for the separation of lipids and plant active ingredients, namely the corresponding MSET™-Lipid and MSET™-Botanical technology platform systems.
  • BtBLife™

    BtBLife™ (Bioavailability Improvement Bridge Technology) is a unique technology platform with independent intellectual property rights formed by Skuny Bioscience Bio-utilization carrier, cell wall breaking, nanometer, targeting and other technologies. This technology platform can provide active ingredients, formulas , terminal preparations and other products’ bioavailability and effectiveness.
  • SOB/SET™

    SOB/SET™ (Second Oxidation Blocking and Stability Enhancement Technology) is another technology platform with independent intellectual property rights developed by Skuny Biotechnology for the production of active ingredients and terminal preparation products. The technology system includes anaerobic production and packaging, oxidation control and oxide removal, low temperature drying and packaging, microencapsulation, etc.

MSET™ Technical Advantages

MSET™ technological platform is special suitable for manufacturing much more high purity lipid isolated ingredient that it’s very difficult to be separated by HPLC, SFE and etc, there is no any modificated substance during reducing and getting rid of impurities. Meanwhile content of Oligomers, Doxins, PCDDs/PCDFs are less even close to zero by MSET™ technology.


The MSET™ technology developed by Skuny Bioscience has unique advantages in improving product quality & reducing finished product impurities, especially oils and fats. This technology can achieve product quality and cost technical indicators as shown in the figure.

International advanced
quality control & management

The world-class QA/QC center is equipped with the highest standard testing instruments and equipment, and has maintained long-term cooperation and interaction with international third-party authoritative testing and auditing institutions such as NSF, IFOS, FOS,Eurofins, Covance, SGS, etc. From the highest internal quality testing and control standards to the testing and certification of international third-party authoritative organizations, our product quality testing is scientifically authoritative and 100% traceable and verifiable.

Quality control &management

The analytical laboratory is equipped with analytical instruments:


International certification

Establish an ISO, HACCP, cGMP and other all-round production quality management system in line with international standards, all products meet the important regulations and requirements of Asia, North America, Europe and other countries, and more than 100 products have been successfully registered and approved for food, dietary supplements, nutrition and health foods in China, Canada, the United States and other countries and regions, and have passed SC, cGMP, MSC, COC, FOS, IFOS, GOED, KOSHER, ISO, HACCP, and other countries and regions for many years. HALAL, Carbon Footprint, Dun & Bradstreet, Sedex and other testing audits and certifications.