• Dietary Supplements

    Unsaturated fatty acids, especially OMEGA-3 ALA/EPA/DHA, have been used in dietary supplements for more than decades, and they still have a market growth rate of more than double digits every year, especially high-purity OMEGA-3 with a purity of 90% or above. High-end dietary supplement products are developing rapidly with a market growth rate of 50%, because more and more consumers are choosing high-purity and health-care OMEGA-3 products more rationally. Skuny BioScience uses unique patented technology MSET™ has developed a series of high-purity OMEGA-3 for nutritional and health care. Its purity is at least over 90%, far exceeding the purity of other similar competing dietary supplements on the market. In addition, the peroxide value/anisidine is less than 2, and the impurities are Less, oligomers, PCDDs/PCDFs are almost zero.

  • Cosmetics Industry

    Unsaturated fatty acids, especially alpha-linolenic acid, EPA and DHA in OMEGA-3, have been experimentally proven to have good anti-inflammatory capabilities, can remove free genes, maintain skin elasticity and moisture, and have a positive effect on skin and cell anti-aging. They have been widely used Used in skin care cosmetics such as skin anti-aging protection, whitening and freckle removal. Skuny BioScience provides you with safe and high-quality skin care raw material supplements based on its unique patented technology.

  • Maternal and Infant formula

    Unsaturated fatty acids include OMEGA-3, alpha-linolenic acid, EPA, and DHA. They have been used in the food industry for a long time, especially in dairy products and infant formula. DHA is an important component of brain development and is also used in breast milk. The essential fatty acids in DHA are known as "brain gold" and are an important part of the retina. More and more head infant formulas are beginning to add DHA to promote the baby's intellectual and visual development.Skuny BioScience uses strict corporate internal control standards and authoritative third-party laboratory testing endorsements at home and abroad to ensure that the purity and safety of OMEGA-3 products meet the safety standards for food, supplements and APIs.

  • Food Frocessing Industry

    OMEGA-3 is a star nutrient among unsaturated fatty acids. With the improvement of people's health awareness, they pay special attention to the nutritional ratio of daily food. Fish oil has also become an important raw material in food processing, mainly used in condiments, baked goods, and fish. In the products, the rich omega-3 fatty acids can increase the nutritional value of the food and increase the premium of the food. It has been highly sought after in recent years.

  • Pet Food

    The pet food market is one of the most popular applications of fish oil. Fish oil is added to pet food to enhance the luster of pets' hair and joint health, improve the health of pets' blood vessels, and protect the health of pets. The improvement of these concepts is becoming the current domestic pet food industry. The consensus of pampering young people, coupled with the exponential growth of pet-raising families in recent years, has led to the pet fish oil market becoming increasingly popular. Skuny Bioscience wholeheartedly provides customers with multiple types, multiple ratios, and diversified raw material selections to help you flex your muscles in the pet food market.