Unsaturated fatty acids especially Omega-3 ALA, EPA / DHA had applied for Dietary Supplements  over decades, but currently it has more than double-digit growth rate in the market, especially for high purity product such as Omega-3 90% or more, it increased 50% in the market, because more and more consumers to be rational and they perfer to choose high purity Omega-3 products which has more health effects. With unique patented MSET™ technology, Skuny developed a series of high purity Omega-3 for nutrition and health use, the content can reach to 90% or more. Compared with other dietary supplements on the market, the purity of our product is more higher, the peroxide value/anisidineour not more than 2, and the impurity such as Oligomers, Doxins, PCDDs/PCDFs are less even close to zero.(see the attached comparison chart)

Unsaturated fatty acids especially the ALA, EPA and DHA in Omega-3, had proved that have a good anti-inflammatory ability, can remove free genes etc., currently it was be applied for cosmetics such as skin protection, skin lightening and other.

…they protect your skin from the sun. Omega-3 fatty acids are powerful anti-inflammatories. Research suggests that the fats protect skin cells against sun-induced inflammation and help control how the body responds to UV rays, thereby mitigating damage. Several studies have shown that unprotected skin doesn’t burn as quickly in people who take fish oil supplements. (Talk to your doctor about whether supplements are a good choice for you, and remember that applying sunscreen is still important despite taking fish oil supplements.) Omega-3 fatty acids may also fortify cell membranes, allowing them to protect other parts of the cell against harmful free radicals.

…they fight wrinkles. When pollution, stress and an unhealthy diet trigger inflammation, your skin’s collagen suffers, making it harder for skin to bounce back when you make facial expressions. This, in turn, can lead to wrinkles around the eyes and mouth and on the forehead. Eating more foods packed with omega-3 fatty acids, like arctic char, chia seeds, spinach and kidney beans, and other inflammation-fighting foods, helps support your skin’s structure, reducing the appearance of fine lines.

…they keep your skin hydrated. Omega-3s are a crucial part of your skin’s lipid (fat) content and help bolster its barrier function, which, when working properly, acts like a seal that keeps moisture in and irritants out. When skin is compromised, though, moisture escapes, causing skin to become dry, rough and more prone to irritation. Increasing your omega-3 intake helps strengthen that seal. In fact, researchers discovered that women who consumed half a teaspoon of omega-3-rich flaxseed oil a day increased skin hydration by 39 percent after 12 weeks. Their skin also felt significantly less rough and was less sensitive.

Unsaturated fatty acids including Omega-3 ALA, EPA / DHA had applied for food industry long before, especially for dairy products, which had been used widely, but because of the specific odor and taste, and poor stability, it isn't popularized in Food/Beverage industry especially in Beverage industry.