Unsaturated fatty acids especially in ALA, EPA and DHA Omega-3 has proved a good anti-inflammatory ability, which removes free genes, used in many skin protection, skin lightening and other cosmetics.

Unsaturated fatty acids especially Omega-3 EPA / DHA hardly produce any calorie. After taken Omega-3 especially ALA / EPA / DHA into the body. In metabolism, ALA / EPA / DHA to some extent can be integrated rid of unsaturated fatty acids and especially intravascular excess grease and freedoms gene. In order to solve the body fat fundamentally, to achieve the health. Skuny developed a series of Omega-3, such as linseed oil derived Omega-3 ALA, a purity of over 90%, which is currently the world's highest purity and high fish oil Omega-3 EPA / DHA than purity, POV / anisidine within less than 2, more importantly, less impurity such as Oligomers, Doxins, PCDDs / PCDFs are less even close to zero (shown in quality comparison table).


Unsaturated fatty acids especially Omega-3 ALA, EPA / DHA have anti-inflammatory medicine and health value. With age, especially in the elderly, many of us have bone and joint pain caused by inflammation in the body. What's more? with our age growing ,the bone joints  fat / fat with in our body continue to decrease, thus leading to our bone and joint pain. The Omega-3 ALA, EPA / DHA belong to unsaturated fatty acids, has a good anti-inflammatory, which is good for the development of bone and joint pain prevention and mitigation of disease provides a better choice.

More than ten scientific experiments show that high purity DHA helps muscle development in particular to enhance muscle endurance. DHA is a new choice for us to improve our performance and exercise endurance. Skuny developed DHA, which expect for higher purity ,and the peroxide value / anisidine within less than 2, more importantly, with less impurity such as Oligomers, Doxins, PCDDs / PCDFs ,that are less even close to zero (shown in quality comparison table).

Omega-3 DHA is applied in Brain Health especially in Infant Brain Health over the decades, and its market value over 10 billion US dollars. With the deepening of scientific research and clinical trials, DHA does a great help to Brain Health for elder people. The world is entering an aging population stage, while in China, it is expected that in 2020 there will be over 200 million elderly population. In these elderly, 30% or more would have a Brain Health problem, especially that Alzheimer disease rates is increasing. Skuny developed high-purity DHA, whether for new drugs (DHA90%, DHA95%) or in the development of high-end applications for Brain Health nutraceutical (DHA80%, DHA 85%, DHA90%), which will have a strong market competitiveness.

According to statistics that the number of Cardiovascular Health problem is more than 3 million people in the world, which is more than 5% of the total population. And in China, the number has reached to more than 10%,which is more than one hundred million people. However, Cardiovascular Health currently used for maintenance and treatment is mainly by statins. These chemical drugs have significant side effects. With people‘s deepening awareness and research about unsaturated fatty acids especially omega-3EPA / DHA ,which is from natural compounds with almost no side effects. Especially the study of clinical medicine, The current development in omega-3 EPA / DHA new drug has more than four, while the market value has exceeded $ 15 billion. More importantly, there are more than 10 such as DPA, ALA, ARA in clinical research, is expected in the near future, there will be more and better new medicines feedback. Skuny developed the high quality of the total omega-3 (98% purity) and monomer EPA / DHA (purity 97%) by its unique patented technology. Expect for higher purity, the peroxide value / anisidine is less than 2. What’s more? There is less impurity such as Oligomers, Doxins, PCDDs / PCDFs ,even close to zero (shown in quality comparison table).